The Musketeers Reborn

Eireen looked at herself in the mirror, her hair was finally finished and already itchy like hell. She hoped the tea party wouldn’t last too long, because she didn’t know how long she could stand the constant feeling of who knows what her hairdresser had done to her hair. She smiled and thanked the hairdresser, which was actually more of a sign for him to leave. After he left she shook her head carefully, checking how much she was able to move her head. She turned around in front of the mirror one more time, and then she left her room. After quite some stairways and hallways - the French court was really too large for her taste - she came in the room where she had to be.

It seemed like Eireen was fashionably late, since the room was already full of cheery and chatty ladies. She checked her timepiece and concluded she was only five minutes late. She greeted some ladies she had already met, she waved at some others, after which she sat down at the long table. People slowly started to take seats and Eireen joined a conversation.

"Have you seen Maria’s new dress? It looked so awful, it’s like what my mother used to wear!" Louise said, and everyone seemed to agree. Someone continued "and that colour… ter-ri-ble!"

Eireen grinned and said “Well, you can’t blame her, for her moving to France must have been like travelling trough time!” For a moment it was silent, but then Louise laughed and everybody followed her example. Then the conversation went on, about Maria’s terrible social skills and everything else she did wrong in the eyes of the critical French ladies.

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