The Musketeers Reborn

As a lady in a red dress entered the room, the conversation’s subject changed into her and her somewhat unusual dress. Eireen didn’t really pay attention to this new subject, she had this limit of useless chat she could stand, and this conversation was about to overdraw that limit. She tried to focus on a conversation that the lady in the red dress had started, which mainly attracted her attention because it was in English. One of them spoke in a perfect British accent, the other had a different accent, one Eireen had never heard before. 

As she wanted to stand up to meet her fellow English-speakers, she briefly checked the timepiece she wore as a necklace. Those who are observant would strike it that the timepiece had more hands than a regular one. The timepiece was precious to her, Eireen cherished the fact that no single person who had tried to steal it was still alive. As she watched one particular hand on her timepiece she knew had to start seeking for someone again. But this wasn’t the right place, for some reason there were no real concealed secrets in the court and Eireen did not like the idea of having her secrets spoiled.